条款 & 条件

以下资料提供有关详情 CDI的 政策和程序,当有关我们的一年保修, 高级支持合同, 技术支持, 库存, 运费及手续费, 等.

F.O.B. 原产地-船上运费- Boonton,新泽西州 with Pre-pay and Add to invoice or if you prefer you may provide us with your carrier account number against which all orders are shipped therefore, 没有运费和手续费将被添加到任何CDI发票给你.

CDI的 首选承运人和运输方式: 联合包裹服务,除非客户另有规定. 我们在所有东部地区使用地面(卡车), 中环及太平洋地区的第二天航空,除非客户另有规定.

报价:所有报价以美国报价.S. 美元,有效期为60天. 所有报价包括运费和处理费. 如果您不愿意收取运费和手续费, 你必须在下单时提供你公司的货运路线指南. 所有报价产品,除非另有说明,仅供国内使用. 国内设备外运可能导致设备故障. 请务必通知我 CDI if the equipment quoted is for use outside the Continental US as this will ensure that the equipment ships with country specific power cord.

国际订单: F.O.B. 原产地-船上运费- Boonton,新泽西州 以国际商业贸易条款(未完税交货)发送至目的国. Buyer or receiver in country bears all import responsibilities and costs of Custom imposed duty and taxes (VAT). Orders received directly from an international country are required to pay for the order in advance prior to CDI releasing the goods. CDI的 银行资料将与付款发票一起提供. Wire fees are the responsibility of buyer and should not be deducted from the total purchase price of the goods. 国际订单需支付150美元.00治理费. 这笔费用是与运费和处理费分开的. 运费和处理费将作为单独的费用加到你的发票上. 注意:我们* * * Pa 100 (fips 140) Government Series products are prohibited from being used for and/or sold/resold to foreign governments and/or foreign government end-users without prior specific licensing per the U.S. 出口管理条例(EAR)§742.17日和§742.15. 以下国家无权出口:古巴、伊朗、朝鲜、苏丹和叙利亚.***

Order Processing: Allow 72 hours for order processing plus additional transit time for delivery after receipt of order.

交货时间:标准交货时间为收到订单后2 - 4周. 这取决于订单的数量和目的地.

Order Expedite Fee: Requests for expedite order processing for same day shipping not allowing for our normal 72 hour order processing is subject to an expediting fee (provided the items are in stock) of $150.00. 同一天发货的订单必须在美国东部时间12点之前收到. 限制适用于定制订单和大量订单. 注意: 这个费用是分开的运输和处理的费用. 运输和处理费用将作为单独的费用添加到您的发票.

手续费:国内货物需支付10美元.00手续费. 国际货运以25美元为限.00手续费.

Cancellation of Orders: Orders placed may be cancelled anytime prior to scheduled date of shipment from our warehouse. Please call CDI immediately and ask to speak with your account sales representative to notify them of your request to cancel the order. Orders cancelled after the order has shipped from our warehouse will be subject to a restocking fee.

Order Discrepancies: Claims for discrepancies or non-working merchandise must be made within seven (7) days of equipment receipt. 请联系CDI技术工程师,告知他们您所遇到的问题. After our engineer determines you have experienced a hardware failure you may be entitled to an advance replacement, he or she will issue you a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and provide you with information about your advance part replacement shipment. 您必须指定部件号和序列号. 这些信息可以在设备的底部找到.

补货:在发票开具后三十(30)天内退货的商品须支付15%的补货费. 原发票上的运费和手续费将不予抵扣. Merchandise purchased after thirty (30) days of invoice date will not be considered for re-stock or refund as it is a final sale.

Cables and Adapters: Cable and adapter orders when not accompanied by any of our hardware products are subject to a $50.00最低购买. For assistance in choosing the correct application specific cable or adapter when quoted p/n: CBL “TBD”,请联系技术支持 (973) 334-1980 或发电子邮件至: support@bellmariare.net.

Warranty: All hardware products come with a standard one-year warranty that covers the cost of repairs and return shipping via Ground service. 维修的周转时间通常在7到10个工作日之间. 注:到我们工厂的运费由客户承担. 在设备上发现篡改将自动作废保修.

Out of Warranty: For out of warranty products without the purchase of our one-year hardware maintenance agreement, 请通过电话联系销售代表 (973) 334-1980 或电子邮件 sales@bellmariare.net 产品维修价格.

Maintenance Agreement: Our one-year maintenance agreement is a premium hardware support service that offers same day advance replacement of any non-working hardware device. 它包括免费的固件更新, 无限的电话支持 via our toll free 800 number plus paid return service of the non-working device.

这项服务是一个附加的覆盖范围,运行与我们的标准一年保修. 费用基于所有硬件的总购买价格的百分比. 硬件支持服务每年自动更新. CDI will send an email notification as a reminder to the agreement holder ninety (90) days prior to the expiration date.

预定的维修协议也可根据要求提供. 维修协议将有一个单一的周年日,双方同意. Any hardware purchases made within that period will automatically be added and covered at no extra cost. Any hardware purchases made within that period will be carried over on the next scheduled support rollout.

油基泥浆 System 支持 License: Our one-year system support license is a premium software service that covers software updates plus 无限的电话支持 via our toll free 800 number.

油基泥浆SSL 每年自动更新. CDI will send an email notification as a reminder to the agreement holder ninety (90) days prior to the expiration date.

预定的油基泥浆系统支持许可证也可用. 油基泥浆SSL协议将有一个双方同意的单一周年日期. 任何软件购买(油基泥浆 SLs, 联盟, DLs, RSA文件)在那段时间内,将自动添加和覆盖在没有额外的费用. Any software purchases made within that period will be carried over on the next scheduled support rollout.

Cancellation of Maintenance Agreement and/or 油基泥浆 System 支持 License: CDI must receive a written request of cancellation ninety (90) days prior to the agreement anniversary date. 取消信应写在公司抬头信笺和邮寄到:通信设备, 公司. 富尔顿街85号. 套2. 07005年,新泽西Boonton. c / o:销售部. You also have the option of faxing the letter to (973) 334-0545 or e-mailing a scanned copy of the letter to sales@bellmariare.net.

Cancellation of Maintenance Agreement and/or 油基泥浆 System 支持 License will have an affect on the following services;

The user will not be entitled to receive premium support services in the form of advance replacement, 无限的电话支持, 固件和软件更新.

For every year the 油基泥浆 System 支持 License and Hardware Maintenance Agreement laps you will be required to get up to date with back-support costs if for any reason it is decided you want to restore it in the future.

Return Merchandise Authorization: An RMA # must be requested and obtained prior to return of any merchandise. 返回的物品没有RMA将不会被记入帐户. Items returned with an RMA will be tested prior to issuing credit to verify items are in good working condition. 另外, 所有配件最初发货与单位, 包括但不限于, 电力供应, 电源线, 适配器和电缆必须全额归还.

技术支持:请联系华为技术支持网站5×8. 报道时间为周一至周五,美国东部时间上午8:00至下午5:00.

接受信用卡:美国运通卡,发现卡,万事达卡 & 签证. CDI reserves the right to request a pre-payment on all new accounts until credit terms are established.